Hunter    2017                
The harmonious partnership of a Hunter and a scavenger, Ivan reaps the rewards of the forest while
his faithful magpie scouts the area. However, the trees hold more than mere beasts and birds, the
truth lies beneath alluring feathers. Inspired by the grey area between good and evil in Slavic
Folklore, before heroes, before villains, ‘Hunter’ is a grim tale were actions have consequences. 

As my graduation film, this will be my directorial debut onto the festival circuit 2017. This is not a

very nice story about not very nice people! For me folktales teach life lessons by showing you the

consequences with a fictional character. Modern day narratives are heavily censored, characters

come back from the brink in order to have a revelation and learn something. The narrative

development centred around a mythical bird-woman hybrid known by many names; Sirin,

Alkonost, Gamayun. She is frequently featured in Slavic folk art however she doesn’t have

any documented folk tales attached to her and her nature is ambiguous. I wanted to keep

this ambiguity in the story, folk tales have magical events that aren’t always logical.

The film is heavily inspired by Russian/Slavic illustrators and traditional soviet paper cut out

animators. The result is a homage to the traditional techniques. I decided to composite the

2D paper sets in a digital 3D environment, using the same elements as traditional animators

with added benefits. Traditional cut out takes a lot of time and money, however I love the style

and it would be such a shame to lose this unique process.

                                                                                                                   Trailer and more information coming soon!

Above is environment concept art demonstrating the heavily intricate Ivan Bilibin inspired designs. Originally everything in the film was hand painted, I decided to switch the production to full digital. This increased continuity, made the project more mobile, cheaper and pushed me to create new streamline pipelines for design as well as compositing. 
As the project became more and more 'two and a half' dimensional, I developed more versatile animation methods. This was a big challenge, some really cool things came out of the tests but they had to be discarded to stick with the paper cut out feel of the film. Right is an example of a more recent test. 
Below is one out of 8 views of the Hunter. He is by far the most complex linked turnaround IK rig I have ever done. He doesn't need to be this complex, as this project is self funded/directed I took the opportunity to play and see how much complexity can be managed by only a handful of controllers!
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