Project 2

The Nutcracker and I  Character Animator 2017
'The Nutcracker and I' is a unique live theatre performance combining the musical talents of pianist Alexandra Dariescu, ballerina Désirée Ballantyne  with animations, backgrounds and effects projected in front on a see-through gauze screen by Yeast Culture.  
Right are the characters I rigged and animated for a 5 minute
sequence reflecting Alex's passion for the piano from a young 
age and the joy and excitement that Christmas brought through
the eyes of a child. Fritz (the young boy) was by far my favourite
to work with. Reflecting the character of the mouse king from
the Nutcracker story, this feisty brash little boy lead to some
hilarious reference footage and some great sequences.
Working with the Director Nick Hillel and Animation Director and
designer Adam Smith on this charming project was a lot of fun.
I was fortunate enough to go to the opening night at the Barbican
in London and no video will ever do justice to seeing this 
collaborative performance live!           (twitter, article)
Designs by Adam smith.
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