Project 2

TO Your Last Death (2019) After Effects Character Animator, Rigger and Basic Effects  2017-2018
This was definitely a first for me! Malevolent is the first US-made animated horror Feature length Movie. I was understandably 
overjoyed to be working on a feature film with a solid production team from all over the world. Additionally the film has an impressive
voice cast; Morena BaccarinRay Wise, Dani Lennon, Bill Moseley and the legendary William Shatner.
Creating a feature with detailed graphic novel style designs is quite a feat and the film is a true credit to the production team.
I rigged and animated each shot separately using a combination of DuIK, puppet pins and replacements in After Effects. 
This is the most realistic character animation I have done so far developing my attention to detail and nuance actions.
I completed numerous scenes and then was given the honour of being assigned a section of the 'rooftop' scene, the climax
of the film!
To say my main role was killing people for months on end, I had a marvellous time! I received some valuable feed back 
on my work and plenty of puns from the rest of the team. Keep an eye out for this film, it is a labour of love. Below is the 
Indiegogo trailer (pre-production).

"It was a true pleasure working with you, and we’re all really happy with how the film looks."  - Jason Axinn (Director)

"You're a killer animator and we wish we'd found you sooner.  Thanks for what you've contributed to the project."  Paige Barnett (Producer)

"Tasha, you are awesome! We wish we had nuanced animators like you much sooner on Malevolent" - Vincente Saldivar (Lead Animator)

All Media is the Property of Coverage Ink Films, LA. My only role was as Character and Prop Animation, Rigging and Basic effects. (If you wish to see some of my work on the film please contact me directly for a password protected reel) 
Tasha Howe  |  +447969530113  |  |  Bristol & Manchester, England, UK

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