Project 2

Alfie & Chester Director/Producer, 2d/Stop Motion Animator, Storyboard, skinning
A short film aimed at 4-6 year olds, Alfie and his teddy (Chester) solve the boredom
of waiting for their dinner by going on an imaginative adventure.
To appeal to the young audience I wanted the film to be in a colouful paper cut out
style. This project was very process driven and highly ambitious, produced in 2
months from idea to completion, we learnt how to do things very quickly! It was
valuable experience for me, directing and producing a film across different processes
and managing a team of different creatives, channelling it all to and end goal.
Tasha Howe – Concept, storyboard, Animatic, 2D ‘Bunnies’ Animation, Producer, Director, Puppet skinning/fabrication,
AFX compositing, pipeline development
George Rumney – Armature development and fabrication, Stop Motion rigging, pipeline development, lip sync.
Ashleigh Britton – Main room background designer, clock and fish animation, colour scripts.
Max Goodman – Sound, wave/crocodile animation, Space scene backgrounds. 
Animatic/ Storyboard                                                                                       puppet
As the story artist I drew up hundreds of panels over numerous brain       George Rumney carried out extensive development and testing for 
storming and sweatbox sessions. Due to the fact we had a stop                the puppets armatures, I was responsible for the skinning. Chester
motion and 2D team I created a physical storyboard so we could             (bear) was skinned in latex dipped Muller wrap to keep him extremely
discuss and clarify things quickly and easily. The storyboard was             flexible and textured with hand painted details. Alfie (boy) was trickier
challenging, in addition to the process constraints, I wanted the ‘flat’        I wanted corduroy dungarees which is not a 2 way stretch fabric
look but not the boring! In order to achieve this, a few lovely shots did     therefore the clothes had to be painstakingly fitted and creases sewn  
have to be dropped. I then ran the story boards into the animatic,            in to allow a full range of movement but no twitch when animating. See
which became the back bone of the production.                                        images below of the detailing and colour swatches (hand dyed fabric).
pipeline and Animation
In the film I animated (Stop Motion) the entire shot where Alfie is in the the boat, The scene in the Cave were Alfie and chester peer into the cave, and I did the pressing buttons/pushing levers shot which can be seen in the 'pipeline' video below (I did all the animation, backgrounds and AFX for buttons/levers). For each shot I set the camera and sent a still to the 2D guys to finalise their background to match the angle of the shot, then shot the stop motion, removed the green screen and 3D tracked the Alfies face (AFX), then animated the face digitally. It is then all composited together in AFX and any additional 2D animated. I was also the sole animator for the 2D 'Bunnies' throughout the film.



Alfie catches
Alfie waistline
Alfie straps
Alfie turnups
Alfie Cuff
Alfie threads
Alfie cords swatches
Alfie hats
Alfie dye swatches


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